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Robin’s Red is Within the top 10 on the Planet?

You may ask, “Why do you watch your ratings on”. Well I have a good answer. Untappd is where the market meets the mug. Folks from Craft Beer neophytes to nationally ranked BJCP judges weigh in with a zero to five rating on your beer, and the web site ranks you in relation to the rest of the beer universe. ranking for BCT Brewing Project on 2016/03/01. ranking for BCT Brewing Project on 2016/03/01.

So, how are we, BCT Brewing Project, doing? Well, I watch the brewery’s overall rating in relation to other highly regarded breweries in the local-ish market (OC and Riverside counties in So Cal), and the overall rating for the “most popular” beer we brew. Now we don’t yet have enough ratings to land in the global ranking for an individual beer or a brewery, but beer and brewery overall ratings are still calculated.

As a brewery, for the popular Orange County and Riverside County California breweries that are our market peers, we’re just about in the top of the mix of the best ranked. Not bad considering Orange County CA has some of the highest globally ranked breweries.

Robin's Red, a Gluten Removed Red Ale.
Robin's Red, a Gluten Removed Red Ale.

Our “most popular” beer (seems to be a mixed measure of the number of check-ins and rating) right now is Robin’s RedOpens in a new window, a Red Ale (surprised me too). If Robin’s Red had enough check-ins at the current rating to get global ranking, it would be among the top ten rated Red Ales on the planet on Untappd. Now you may ask me, “Why is that cool Mr. Turtle?” – and of course I would have an answer.

You’d think a Red Ale is easy to brew, but no…

  • Achieving a comforting balance between malt characters and hop bittering is tricky.
  • Balancing malt and hop characters, and achieving a deep garnet color at the same time is even more challenging.
  • Then add the fact that Robin’s red is crafted to reduce gluten and lab tested to be less than 10ppm gluten.
The Robin of Robin's Red.
The Robin of Robin's Red.

Robin’s Red basically bleeds the BCT charter “Nothing Fancy, Something Special”. This of course makes me happy as I crafted this beer mostly to please the tastes and preferences (he’s gluten sensitive) of my son Robin.

So some day, Robin’s Red might get enough ratings to be in the global rankings – that would be nice. But even without that, I’m making a Red Ale that my son Robin enjoys and can drink without the typical next day challenges a gluten sensitive person might experience after a few pints of beer.

Top 10 on the planet would be nice. Top 1 for my son Robin – even better.


In August of 2016 we poured the last glass of BCT Brewing Project beer. Though the BCT Brewing Project is no longer a thing, we designed all of the beers, and we still design award winning beer for craft breweries internationally.