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I Have an Announcement to Make

Someone told me today that what was happening at Beancurdturtle Brewing wasn't really clear, because I hadn't made an announcement. So, here goes...

Thanks to the generous support of Sublime Imports, Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC is an actual Gypsy Brewer. As real as any other Gypsy Brewer like Mikkeller, Pretty Things, and such - just fewer batches. I traveled to Spain in late November and concept collaboration brewed with two craft breweries to produce two fine beers that will be imported into the US. The Beancurdturtle Brewing logo will be on the label of beers at your favorite bottle shop, and the beer will be on draft at some exclusive craft beer venues.

The first, named "Valencia Saison", is a Saison with Valencian orange peel, rose hips, and orange blossom honey. I tried this off the fermenter, and was really pleased with everything about it. It's already conditioning in bottles and kegs - and the feedback from people who have tried it is very good. It should be available in the US, in two to three months, in limited markets. This beer was brewed at Premium Beers from Spain, the makers of unique and delicious craft beers like La Socarrada and Er Boquerón.

The second, as yet un-named, is a hybrid Robust Porter targeted to complement the characters of the Rioja wine barrels that it is now aging in. It should be chocolaty caramel rich, and carry the berry (red wine) and wood characters from the barrels very well. When it will be imported is based on the whims of the barrel. When the character is right, it will be bottled and kegged, and imported into the US. I'm going to guess around June. This beer was brewed at Mateo & Bernabé, an excellent craft brewery in the Rioja wine region of Spain.

So there you have it. My "Super Hobby" has transitioned into Gypsy Brewing thanks to Sublime Imports. So how can you be sure to get your hands on one of Beancurdturtle Brewing's beers? When you are at your favorite bottle shop or craft beer venue, ask them when they will be getting some of the great beers from Sublime Imports. A push from the bottom up will create the incentive necessary to get the distributors to take notice.

Mash ingredients for Valencia Saison
Mash ingredients for Valencia Saison.