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Spanish Robust Porter

More news of the Spanish Robust Porter brewed at Mateo & Bernabé with the help of Sublime Imports. 1000 liters went into red wine barrels. 200 liters was packaged as is. Here's my notes on the beer from one of the test bottles that didn't go in the barrel.

Appearance: Slightly warm brown color. Light head.

Aromas: Pumpernickle bread, dried fruit, caramel. Palo Santo or cedar notes.

Flavors: Dark dried fruit (figs and plums), brown bread, caramel - well balanced with slight hop bitterness and tannins and roast from the cold extracted dark grains. Again, wood like notes similar to cedar or Palo Santo.

Mouthfeel: Hovering around medium, but the pepper and wood notes in the dark grain tannins create a restrained and balancing astringent/dry finish.

Overall Impression: It's wonderfully nuanced. Somewhere between a Belgian Dubbel and a Robust Porter. Yeast esters are British, fruity. Malts, bitterness, and tannins are all balanced well. I think it will marry to the characters from the Rioja red wine barrels perfectly.

Spanish Robust Porter test bottle.
Spanish Robust Porter test bottle.