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Pilot Brew for Tierra de Perros, Thirsty Dog Project

Brewing the pilot batch for an herb infused Saison that will be brewed by Tierra de Perros, cerveza artesanal. Here's the official description for the project:

Concept Description: A light colored, medium-light bodied beer, in the style Belgian Saison, incorporating the influence of spices and aromatics grown on or associated with the Canary Islands.
Subjective Target: Unique and refreshing beer with enough complexity to be enjoyed in all seasons, and particularly appropriate for warm weather, and/or as an accompaniment to food.

So, enough chit-chat. Let's get to the photos. From the brewday five days ago, until this morning.

Thirsty Dog Recipe
Three things make a good beer. A good recipe, quality ingredients, and a good brewer.
Perfect mash temp, perfect pH
Mash temp and pH were perfect from the start. That's a good sign.
Herbs, hops, malts, yeast
A peek at the herbs in Thirsty Dog.
First runnings looking awesome
First runnings looking awesome.
Protein break looking awesome
Protein break looking awesome.
24 hours after fermentation starts
24 hours after fermentation starts, it's nearly done.
5th day and it is clearing
5th day and it is clearing.