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Label Change – To tell the story

Something new for Beancurdturtle Brewing. Project labels. Because (at least not right now) we don't sell beer. The beers we make are of two kinds.

  1. A pilot batch - a proof of concept. The beer is a unique recipe, crafted to meet the equipment capacity of a specific brewery and fit with the typical inventory, while simultaneously embodying the concept for the beer and expressing a little personality of the brewery and/or the region where the brewery makes its home.
  2. A sample recipe - which is a seasonal or specialty ale that usually uses new processes, creative ingredients, or exacting old school techniques. These beers are intended to demonstrate that great beer is always grounded in tradition and process, enhanced with something unexpected but not overwhelming.

The brewery that makes the beer will design their own label when they bring the beer to their customers. Sure, Beancurdturtle Brewing will get credit on the final label - but the beer is crafted so the brewery that brews it can proudly say that they own the concept, and the personality of the beer expresses something about them, and their home.


Porter Alcoiana Project - Pilot Batch
Porter Alcoiana Project - Pilot Batch
Black Lingerie - a sample recipe
Black Lingerie - a sample recipe. And in this case, an evolving reserve recipe.