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Target Achieved – Thirsty Dog Project

So, let's review the subjective target for this beer - the Thirsty Dog Project - I crafted for Tierra de Perros, cerveza artesanal.

Subjective Target: Unique and refreshing beer with enough complexity to be enjoyed in all seasons, and particularly appropriate for warm weather, and/or as an accompaniment to food.

Well it is refreshing, complex, and slightly savory from the herbs grown on the Canary Islands where it will be brewed. But today I had a sandwich with cured meat and cheese, and olives - things typical for a light Spanish treat. I decided to test the "as an accompaniment to food" part of the target.

May I just say "Wow!"

It is absolutely on target, and such a perfect compliment to cured meats, cheese, and olives. And I'm sure it will also a great accompaniment to many other foods. Target achieved!


Thirsty Dog, a perfect food pairing beer.
Thirsty Dog, a perfect food pairing beer.