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Latest About the Collaboration with Cerveza Spigha

Regarding the Porter Alcoiana Project for Cerveza Spigha. We brewed with Cerveza Spigha in June of this year. Everyone who tries this beer loves it. Looks like it will be named "Cafe Olé".

Beancurdturtle stands behind the wort for Cafe Olé.
Beancurdturtle stands behind the wort for Cafe Olé brewed at Spigha.

Pau, the brewer at Spigha, had this to say about the beer. "The Robust Coffee Porter we brewed is incredible. I am drinking it right now. The beer has a rich body, but it is still easy drinking, very balanced, with a very nice aroma of coffee. For me it has a remarkable character, the residual sweetness reminds me of milk. So the combination with the coffee aroma and flavor is more than perfect. Sublime Imports came last week and tried it. They agree, the Coffee Porter is fantastic. It’s likely we will be importing it to the USA."

And here's some tasting notes from a beer geek with a fondness for the beer. "Cafe Olé is a brilliant beer brewed with Torrefacto coffee beans. Smells and tastes of café con leche, dark chocolate, caramelization reminiscent of flan, with a wonderful medium body and light carbonation."

Sounds like that'll do.