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Valencia Saison in Southern California

It took a while and I nearly expired from anticipation. But Valencia Saison - brewed in collaboration with Premium Beers from Spain - is finally on shelves of bottle shops in Southern California. Only 8 (24 bottle) cases and 8 kegs made it to Lime Ventures, the California distributor. That means, if you see it, buy it. The first case in a shop in Tustin was gone within hours.

We should see at least two more Beancurdturtle collaboration beers in California before the end of 2014:

  • A Robust Porter made with Panela (a Columbian unrefined whole cane sugar) and aged in red wine barrels from the Rioja region of Spain. Brewed with Mateo & Bernabé and Friends.
  • A rich Porter infused with Torrefacto blended Spanish coffee. Brewed with Cervesera Alcoiana Artesana.
  • And perhaps a Double IPA.

Here's what to look for right now...

Valencia Saison on the shelf
Valencia Saison on the shelf