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It’s just a White Juniper Ale dude – Chillax!

Here's the deal about this White Juniper IPA, or whatever you want to call it. The label says "Pine and Resin forward American White Ale with Juniper Berries and Floral Aromatics". I like the pilot batch - quite a bit actually. But I keep checking, and double checking. Sharing with my beer savvy friends and checking. And checking again.

You may ask "why?". And I don't blame you for asking. So, here's why. I am crafting this beer for Cerveses La Gardènia, one of the most successful craft breweries in Spain. More importantly, I am crafting this beer for Ramon, the head brewer. So why is that a big deal?

When I walked in to Ramon's "office" (brewers don't really have offices, they have spaces where they keep themselves and stuff when they are not brewing) in late 2013, I saw things on shelves in jars. Buddha hand in neutral spirits, bitter herb concoctions, and unidentifiable things... like an Alchemist's den. And I thought – I would like to make a special beer with this guy.

Long story short. We are making a special beer. And I tasted the test batch once again tonight – and it is, without a doubt, a special beer. Tomorrow I will serve the pilot batch to a crazy mixed group – and finally tweak the recipe to hand off to Ramon at Cerveses La Gardènia.

It will astonish, it will astound, it will test the limits of beeriness while still being a beer – that's what Beancurdturtle Brewing is mostly about. If beer could be an extraordinary Gin, or Gin could be an extraordinary beer – this would be it. And it looks pretty tasty too...


The test batch for a White Juniper IPA
The test batch for a White Juniper IPA.