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Only, a artisanal Gin from Spain
Only, an artisanal Gin from Spain

See what we did there? 🙂

Yes, I know - it's Gin, and not beer. However - it's a Spanish Gin, and a damn fine one. I just emptied the bottle to make a classic Negroni (with Vermouth Rosso, which you really should try). But! you may ask, "Why would we speak of Gin here, on a beer related page?". Go ahead, ask...

Well, this Gin is the inspiration for a crazy cool beer I designed and brewed for and at the BCT Brewing Project called Giniper White. It's an Imperial White Ale infused with some extraordinary and expensive aromatic herbs and flowers designed to proxy fine Gin in a beer.

A classic Negroni (sans orange peel curl).
A classic Negroni (sans orange peel curl).

Sipping this Negroni, I am inspired once again - I'd look for another batch of Giniper White to be released this summer if I was you. Damn good Gin - inspiring an amazing beer. Seriously, what could be better than that?