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Piney the Turtle – Tasting impressions Phantom Ales release

Piney the Turtle Phantom Ales release
Piney the Turtle Phantom Ales release.

Target acquired! Had myself a preview pint of Piney the Turtle tonight at Phantom Ales and it meets both the concept target for the collaboration, and the philosophy behind Beancurdturtle Brewing.

Don’t expect to be blown away by some huge palate walloping beer like a DIPA or BBA Stout. The concept called for a Rye IPA (or Rye Pale Ale if you are from California) at 6% ABV and about 40 IBU, with additions of select hops, blue spruce tips, and juniper berries used to contribute restrained yet decidedly piney/resinous characters. Balanced and approachable enough to invite a second pint.

Here’s my tasting impressions from my pint tonight:

  • Appearance is clear, mostly pale and slightly warm, fine and lasting head.
  • Aromas are subdued, crisp malty profile and balancing herbaceous characters.
  • Flavors are dry, spicy/peppery, Rye Ale backbone with complex pine/resinous flavors that layer and build as I get deeper into the pint.
  • Mouthfeel is light/medium and the finish is long, sticky, and piney.
  • Burps are – ok, I know burps are not an official factor in beer tasting – reminiscent of dry gin
  • Overall impression, a straight up and well brewed - by Phantom Ales - Rye (very rye) Pale Ale, complimented by nuanced layering of piney/resinous characters that build in the flavors and have a long sticky finish.

Note that an eensie-weensie taster glass will not get you the full layered build of pine/resinous flavor and finish that a pint will. This beer is like peanuts – one peanut is good, but ten will hit the spot and make you want more. Order the pint.

A great American Rye Ale with pine/resinous deliciousness.
That’s right – nothing fancy, something special.